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Why Should I Consider Homeschooling and How Do I Get Started?

There has been an enormous increase in Homeschooling across the United States in the past few years. The US Census Department keeps careful records of homeschooled students. It reports Homeschooling is a legal option in every state in the US.

Homeschooling has been increasing steadily from 1999 until 2012 at around 3.3%. Since COVID, however, Homeschooling has exploded. The average increase in total homeschooled households has grown by 5.4%, with many states registering double-digit increases. (See

The reasons are many. COVID issues highlighted how inadequately we were prepared to continue education during the pandemic. Many students’ education suffered. Some parents are unhappy with cultural changes in their children’s classrooms, prompting many parents to seek a better, more unique, and family-compatible solution.

Some parents wonder if Homeschooling is a better option for their family. The National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI) tracks results and compares those of homeschooled children on standardized tests for academic achievement to children in public schools. Students educated at home, score (on average) 15%-30% higher than public school students.

Many parents wonder if they can home school. Today, there are so many resources to support home schooling. So, the real question isn't I wonder if I can homeschool but, how can I get started? Email me at for a free guide on how to start your own home school.

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