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The Fidget Game Kindergarten Learning Bundle

Learn to Read in Weeks, Master 500 Learning Cards - High-Frequency Dolch Sight Words, Numbers, Addition & Subtraction & Shapes - for Pre-K to Grade 3

About the

The Fidget Game Kindergarten Learning Bundle

Multifaceted game offering a variety of actions to help your young student learn and have fun. Using a popular "fidget" playing board and supported by cards focusing on various educational subjects.

Why We Like It

This is a tactile game that allows your young student to interact with you. Includes a variety of learning subjects such as Counting, Numbers, Colors, Uppercase and Lower case identification, addition. The set also includes sight word card packs from PK-3rd grade. If you have mulitiple children you are home schooling, this game works for the various grade levels referenced.
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